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D&S Voi Branch Manager Michael Wajwanga is pictured together with his asistant outside the new premises.

D&S Voi was established several years ago and recently, under the diection of Coast GM Mohamed Farook and Branch Executive Margaret Kuchio has been relocated to a more prominent position in the town. Voi, a historic town in the expansive Taita-Taveta County, is a well-established tourism hub with its most notable feature being the nearby vast Tsavo National park.

Agriculture is also a key activity within the region despite the semi-arid landscape with numerous established ranches and sisal estates. An ideal setting for D&S to bring its range of services and solutions closer to the local community, the new branch was set up in record time by Construction Manager Timothy Kemboi and Branch Manager Michael Wajwanga who oversaw the implementation. The D&S Group has now established branches in 32 of Kenya's 47 Counties.